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The CSBE is responsible for assessing system performance, driving health policy innovation, and disseminating information.

Our Mission

Inform public debate and government decision-making for a sustainable, agile, and efficient health and welfare system.

The mandate of Commissaire à la santé et au bien-être (CSBE) is to assess the performance of Québec’s health and social services system. CSBE takes a systemic approach that looks at the system as a whole. 

More specifically, the Commissioner seeks to:

  • Inform the public and the government about the performance of the health and social services system and the challenge it faces
  • Advise the Minister of Health on choices that need to be made
  • Help the system adapt to better meet people’s needs

As part of its work, CSBE:

  • Identifies possible improvements in institutions
  • Helps break down barriers to innovation in the system
  • Promotes citizen engagement
  • Encourages action and takes into account ethical issues.

Our Means of Action

Our Vision and Approach

A trusted public stakeholder that contributes to the system’s development for the benefit of the public. 

The health and social services system faces significant challenges that could affect its viability. Yet much-needed changes have yet to be implemented. 

To assess the system’s performance, we focus on the value of patient care and services, taking into account health outcomes that matter for citizens as well as limits on government resources. 

Our Values