Consultation Forum

What is the Forum?

The Consultation Forum is a deliberative assembly composed of citizens from each of Quebec’s regions and of experts. Its mandate is to provide the Commissioner with its viewpoint on various issues that the Commissioner submits to it as part of his work. The 27 Forum members are appointed by the Commissioner for a three-year term.

The value and relevance of the Forum’s contribution lie in knowledge sharing. Backed by information provided by the Commissioner’s office or by other sources and their personal values, experience and skills, these 27 citizens possess knowledge that develops during the deliberation exercises and becomes an unprecedented source of information that informs the Commissioner’s reflection on the health and social services system. As such, the Consultation Forum provides a public perspective to the Commissioner’s consultation process.

Forum members study issues of collective interest that affect our health and social services system and, more generally, public health and welfare. For example, members of the first Forum addressed issues such as chronic disease, perinatal and early childhood care and services, and prenatal screening for Down syndrome. To consult the Commissioner’s publications outlining Forum member's consultation, please go to the “Publications” section.

The Forum’s conclusions are included in the reports published by the Commissioner. These documents are submitted to the Minister of Health and Social Services and the majority of these reports are also tabled in the National Assembly. They are then widely distributed in order to inform societal debate.

Évaluation du Forum

Durant toute sa durée de vie, le premier Forum de consultation a été accompagné par une équipe de chercheurs universitaires qui a évalué sa mise en place et son fonctionnement. Vous pouvez consulter le rapport final qui suit.